Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweded Movie - 'This is Wafflehaus'

So I spent Friday and Saturday at MIT attending this years Mystery Hunt. One of the puzzles required each team to create a 'sweded' version of a movie and upload it to YouTube. If you've seen 'Please Be Kind Rewind' you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, 'sweding' a movie is basically creating a low budget abbreviated version of a movie. My team 'Wafflehaus' was assigned 'Spinal Tap' to 'swede'. I played the role of Nigel Tufnel and I made the cardboard amplifier, the skeleton tanktop, and Def Lepard style japanese headband. It took maybe two hours to make the props, and film and edit.

I also made bogus album covers for 'Shark Sandwich', 'The Gospel According to Spinal Tap', 'Intravenus DeMilo', and 'Smell The Glove'. Unfortunately we had to cut the scene where you get to see them because we were given a four minute time limit and that scene was pretty slow.

Spinal Tap doesn't really have a strong plot so we just remade our favorite scenes. I went to the screening of the other teams movies and some of them were really fun because they could retell the plot in an ultra simplified, skeletal form. You can really be clever and have fun with that restriction. The second sweded 'Godfather' was great at this hitting ALL the essential plot points.

Anyway it was a lot of fun making this. I don't think it's entertaining to a general audience I get the feeling that the only people who will laugh at this is the people who made it and my parents, but I want to put this up here so other people don't find my dirty little YouTube secret a year from now or worse ten years from now when I'm running for mayor.

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