Monday, January 25, 2010

Beware Of Free Stuff!

Free stuff is never really free. You may not pay for something with money but there's always strings attached. Remember that. The pushers of free stuff want your attention and affection in return. They are love hungry wolves in sheep's clothing.

In other news. Here's an mp3 of a song called 'Duermes Guapamente' I made this weekend FOR FREE!!!

In order to make this I saturated myself with that Bertolucci move 'The Dreamers' ( thanks Morgan! ) and Alice Coltrane albums ( thanks Abe! ) all day Friday and Saturday. My friend Kyle brought over a movie about bugs Saturday night. I don't remember the name exactly, it was called 'Microcosmos' or something along those lines. It was the sweetest of eye candy. Then I went to a show in Providence and flirted with dozens of cute girls, listened to some cool bands, danced like a total jerk and chatted with nearly all of my friends. Then I slept at my parent's house and when I woke up this song fell out of me. I guess I digested all the great stuff of the weekend and this is the byproduct.

Check back in a couple of weeks if you like it I have others in the same style. After I polish them to a shine they're going to be compiled into an album called 'Music For Napping With Girls'. It's part of a trilogy, along with 'Music For Yardwork With Dad', and 'Music For Vacuuming The Rug'.

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