Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Third Person

I've been reading a lot of fiction lately. Last night I realized how strange stories told in the third person actually are. Basically a story is being narrated by some omniscient being that can see what everyone sees and feel the emotions that all the characters and he reports these sensations to the reader in a detached 'this is how it happened sort of manner'. You're being told a story by a schizophrenic. I guess God with a capital G is a schizo.

Anyway, I just envisioned this falconer guy as being the archetypical third person. He uses the falcon to get the zoomed out everywhere at the same time sensations used to construct the story. The two are joined through a very special human-bird mind meld. The matador in the foreground is the classic first person, passionate, single-minded, and lovable.

The shirtless boy is a shirtless boy, the writer of the future. Interpreting the experiences impressed on him by his surroundings and beaming them back to the rest of humanity through his electrotactile network interface.

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