Friday, November 13, 2009

A New Kind Of Man

Our enhanced cognitive abilities are the result of our predatory instincts.
With them we will build a new man.
One devoid of mysticism.
One who does not need to self reflect.
One who is certain of his place in the Universe.
One who fully accepts his destiny.
One who acts completely, certainly, and without pause.

But who's going to build him? Some 9 to 5 slob? You can't have him without an even finer division of labor. Even finer specialization. That's going to leave a lot of people a bit emotionally unbalanced. It seems a bit unwise to me.

Yes deny the self is what people tell you. You want to get ahead you deny yourself now so later you can really start living. Yes, deny thyself but then satisfy thyself. Satisfy thyself greatly.

We're a nation and soon becoming a world of 9 to 5 ascetics and leisure time hedonists. That's the problem. We think we've earned the right to lose control. We've earned the right to be self destructive . We've given ourselves over to you vultures for half the day. What about us? What about what we want?

See I tricked you. That's a fool's question. We should be asking what do we really need. Most of us don't even know. Most of us don't even bother to ask that question anymore. So many questions that need answering. But what if we do answer them? It's not gonna change anything! Stressful to think about, huh?

My advice take a deep breath, eat dinner with the family, and then go walking through the woods or desert alone.


idlesmashing said...

Weird, I just used that "man" in a collage.

Adam Tavares said...

great minds...

idlesmashing said...

idlesmashing said...