Friday, November 13, 2009

Give Yourself Over To The Divine Universal Power

No, I'm not religious but I've come to realize it's foolish to think that my life is completely in my control. Free will? I'm not convinced I have it. I have the illusion of it I suppose which makes my life ride a bit more interesting. But I do believe that we live in a chaotic system that can never be fully understood and hence can't really be controlled. Things happen, stuff moves around and collides with other stuff. That's the universe in a nutshell.

This sounds like the talk of a loser, but it's not. It will be the ones like me who have made peace with the universal rollercoaster who can enjoy the remainder of their life when they discover they have a terminal illness or after beloved family member was unexpectedly killed. It will be the Type A, controlling, egomaniacs who will have the emotional breakdown and fall from their lofty perch into the horrible abyss of insanity.

I think everyone becomes aware of this sooner or later unless you die young. If you're elderly and your body starts falling apart through no fault of your own you tend to make peace with this fact. I suggest you teach your children this lesson as early as you can, not with a lecture, but with a ceremony like the one depicted above. It may be hard to find a particle accelerator, a mayan ceremonial mask, and giant grasshoppers near your home so yours can be homespun if you like.


Kelly Toon said...


I found your collage through a comment you left over at Uncle Eddie's. I greatly enjoyed this whole post. Are you familiar with the concept of Synchronicity? It's a term coined by one of the great minds for the ages, Carl Jung. It is the evidence of the Universal Order, when things happen that are so meaningful to you personally, the odds of which are so astronomically high that they are impossible to predict. Jung would absolutely approve of a ceremony at a young age to elucidate them.

My mother, who is a Goddess, a tantric healer, and spiritually whole, has just been introduced to and fallen in love with the ultimate man of her dreams. The astrological, genealogical, symbolic connections between these two cannot be denied. And she has been through the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and is now being rrrrrichly rewarded with the most sincere sffection. Hows that for Divine Justice?

Adam Tavares said...

I'm glad your mom has found love. I wish everybody was so fortunate.

I believe in the power of ceremonies too. Lectures don't change people for the better. Getting them to act and learn through the action is the only way people really learn anything useful.

Lectures just let people know of something not know something. It's a difference we don't fully understand in English speaking countries. The Spanish do though... they have two verbs 'conocer and saber' to distinguish the two kinds of knowing.

Deniseletter said...

Hello,I came from your link you left in Eddie's Blog to read your post.This Particle accelerator is great with its enigmatic complexity.The subject is very interesting! also I'm not religious,I took a Schopenhauer's quote "religions are like glow-worms; they shine only when it is dark" so I don't believe at all in ceremonies and lecturer from others as a sole method to get some consciousness,but more in our own capacities of be aware and to relate real facts as like death that makes us reasoning,for instance the determinism (not free will) as a logic conclusion and the fact we cannot control what is happening.What if the apparent chaos is an unknown "order"?.It seems there is a natural tendency to entropy and because of that to begin to think in the relation between matter and energy,the atom and what is the vital breath or life and more ultimate questions.