Friday, November 13, 2009

Wally Wood Study

I saw this panel in an old EC Weird Fantasy. The original is drawn by Wally Wood. I studied it and did this version. It's not entirely true to the original. An exact duplication is mind numbingly boring so I took a little artistic license but not too much otherwise I wouldn't have learned anything new.

New knowledge like: the composition of the figures is fairly complex so it's best to rough out the negative spaces before you even start worrying about their masses. Also, I learned that using watered down calligraphy ink is a good way to get gray values down before laying down watercolors on top of them. I didn't really take advantage of that too much here but it definitely seemed worthy of experimenting with in the future. The original is a bit bigger than my scanner so I had to stitch a couple of scans together. I suck at doing that and my scanner doesn't give me consistent scans so there are some digital artifacts kicking around if you look close. If anybody reading this knows of a good guide for stitching images together send me the link.

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