Friday, August 28, 2009

Giant Cowboy Invasion

Empowering the individual through technology often times has unforeseen consequences. Paradoxically what is good for an individual of a species can be detrimental to the species as a whole. Human beings are dealing with this phenomenon now more than ever. Most humans think we have to choose whether to live a life of selfish hedonism or selfless duty. But there aren't just two options. I think we can all find the creamy center, what eastern religions call 'the middle path' or 'the way' which will lead us to personally fulfilling but responsible lifestyles. It just takes resourcefulness and the willingness to endure a few hardships in the beginning.

And a blahdiggity blah blah blah. Aaaah there's nothing like a collection of decontextualized images to get your brain lubricated. Issues of National Geographic are a useful introspective tool. They have much to teach you if you are willing to listen ( and to cut them all up ).

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