Friday, August 28, 2009

Masters Of The Universe

Not to make you paranoid or anything but you're most likely a pawn in some preternatural power game played by the masters of the universe. You may think being crowned Madison Wisconsin's Ice Princess has nothing to do with the all female fascist militias that are on the rise in South Korea but you'd be wrong. We're all working to realize the secret plans of the Bildeberg group.

In all seriousness though. I think the idea of a global conspiracy is actually comforting. What I think is the truth is much scarier and that is we're on a runaway train. Nobody knows what we're collectively doing or really where we are headed. Most people are just trying to stay alive and the lucky ones who aren't just concerned with survival spend their waking hours simply finding new ways to amuse themselves, which is kind of a comforting thought now that I think about it.


idlesmashing said...

Kenny P. said...

It's a deep rabbit hole.

I'm really enjoying your collages. I am reading a book about Dada right now, so it's timely for me.

Kenny P. said...

...Also, have you been to "Rigorous Intuition"? It's at
the collages are good, the written content is better.

Adam Tavares said...

Thanks for the tip! The collage with the gumdrops and amusement park swing ride was fantastic.