Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Tastes like Bollywood.

A little FYI... I'm no longer a programmer. Sitting at a computer screen all day was killing my eyesight, my attention span, and my self-esteem and that wasn't making me happy. I'm now willfully unemployed. After my trip to South America and the West Coast in September I will be drawing and painting full-time ( until my savings run out and I need to get a straight job again ). What this means is I'll be posting a lot more! Check in here to see my progress and if you think I cut the mustard you can pay me for custom illustration work. Or if you see something you especially like you can buy the original.


idlesmashing said...


idlesmashing said...

nice collages.

-abraham and dangerdan

Kenny P. said...

That's great! Live life on your own terms. Live boldly! Just ignore that my word verification word is "suckbac." I'm not kidding.

Don't get sucked back too soon!!!