Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bad Elements

Mercury, Lead, Uranium, Plutonium
Beasty, Brick, And Bobo
All Bad Elements
Don't Put Them In Your Mouth
Don't Let Them Under Your Skin
They're Catalysts For Dangerousness
They'll Take You Down With 'Em
You Think It's Clowning Around
You Think You're Painting The Town
Well Lemme Tell You Something
Do You Want A Life Where
You Spend Your Days And Nights Slumming
Drug Smuggling
Head Numbing
And Ruining Your Plumbing
Living To Forget You're A Mess
And Everyday Asking For Forgiveness
A Life Like That Is Senseless
Do What Your Dad Tells Ya
Stay Bad Element-less

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ксюша said...

какое чудесное оформление блога.