Thursday, August 18, 2011

Robot Love

People And Their Feelings
Who Need's Em
So What If Some Are Soft
And Smell Better Than Food
They Want Too Much
And Talk About
What They Want Too Much
Which Is Rude!

They Need So Many Things
Sleep, Sheep, Water, Wheat
Vitamin C, Vitamin B,
Six AND Twelve
Photos And Frames And Shelves
Touch And Smiles From Strangers
Comfort AND A Little Danger!

They Want Impossible Things
Paradoxical Things
Things That Can't And Will Never Exist
Ephemeral Things They Should Try To Resist
Things That Last Forever And Shouldn't
Things That Do What One Couldn't

Well, Well, Well
It's A Crazy Chase
To Keep Everyone Happy
So They Stay In One Place
There's Always A Better Way
That's What My Dad Used To Say
And Here It Is
The Gee Arr Ell Ex Six

It Does Everything Humans Do
Eat, Sleep, Worry, Waste, And Want
Walk, Wait, Bathe,Baste, And Flaunt
And It Does These Things More Efficiently
Than Humans Do Them By A Factor Of Three

The Only Problem Is They're Highly Flammable
And One Or Two May Have Gone Cannibal
But Don't Worry We're Working On A New Model
The Next Generation Will Be Much Slicker
Which We Can't Say For Humans, Eh?
Yes... They Just Get Sicker!

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