Monday, May 24, 2010

Latest Sketchbook

The rules for this sketchbook are...

1. Drawings are made at top speed.
2. I have to use ballpoint pen, and acrylic paint.
3. Palette is the 3 primary colors, white, yellow ochre, burnt sienna and magenta ( just for fun, y'know ).
4. I have to include an orange wedge in the composition.
5. Compositions spread across two pages gatefold style.

I need to learn to follow arbitrary rules. So far my year off from the rat race has left me undisciplined and happy. I need to crack my own whip and learn to become a 'productive' member of our great society. Hopefully, as this sketchbook progresses you'll see more discipline and consistency. If you don't you should yell at me in the comments.

Here's my longterm goal so I don't forget:

I want to be able to convincingly draw and paint caricatured figures interacting in a caricatured but still somehow realistic environment with ease. The drawings should follow the rules of perspective and use color to convincingly set an emotional tone but at the same time be pleasing in that eye candy way. The interaction of the figures and the overall composition should send a concise but at the same time a mysterious message, giving the viewer material to wonder and imagine in a focused and useful way ( That's the contributing to society bit. See I'm not selfish and lazy! I'm caring and industrious! ).
And I should find a way to get paid enough money doing this to buy supplies, food, and raise a family.

Wow, it sounds lame when you write it down. But that's the kind of artist I want to be. Let's see if I get there.

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