Saturday, May 1, 2010


Uh, oh, what's gonna happen here? Hey can't you talk this one out, boys?

What!? You'd rather just pound each other one time and realize how pointless your disagreement is?! What's that you say? It's cathartic and will end your standoff much more completely than talking about the past which only brings up hurtful memories that fuel your emotional fires. What you'd rather suffer a black eye and a bloody nose than to have to live constantly with anger, anxiety, and fear?!

But fighting is violent! It's barbaric. It's childish. Be an adult here. Right your wrongs in court. Pay some guy to tell the story about what happened to a guy with a robe and a hammer, and if that guy likes you he'll make everything better. Getting the state involved certainly won't inflate the problem to ridiculous proportions and consume your entire life and it definitely won't cost you a ton of time and a whole lot of money.

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