Thursday, April 22, 2010

It All Leads To Six

One… Two… Three.. Four… Five… Six. Yes, the number six. It's an unusual number, certainly.

You can't feel six. You have a natural sense for the other numbers. One… eh, you got a nose, maybe you have a penis, so you can feel one. Two… well every time you look in the mirror you're reminded of two. You have two eyes dontcha? You stand on two legs. Three… the nipples / belly-button combination gives you that. You can see them all every time you look down. And men have two testicles that accompany the penis so we have a special additional sense of three. Four… well you have four limbs sprouting from your torso. Five… the digits on each of your hands and feet, man! Those are essential. Six… hmmmm I can't work that one out. Nope, I just don't feel six.

Corbusier, Aerobic, Instructor, Radiation, Holocaust… well that's for you to workout…

1 comment:

Kenny P. said...

I have 6 testicles. :(