Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to the Predators Ball

Don't you love talking to people who are totally unaware of their capacity for evil. These often charming folks will talk your ear off about their plans for acquiring fame, power, and wealth that are utterly horrifying if analyzed closely. Usually these plans aren't revealed in daylight or under stark fluorescent light in a sterile office building. No, if spoken aloud in bright light their ugly reality will be revealed. Usually you hear these things at parties when the speaker is intoxicated by liquor, dim light, and the hormones wafting in the air. That's when, unbeknownst to the speaker, the inner wolf comes out.

Hey, I'm not saying I'm innocent myself. I've come to accept my animal nature. I wear it on my sleeve nowadays; no more being sneaky about my selfish animal-ness! I'm taking the lion's example and not hiding my plans for world domination and the conquest of sexually desirable females. I'll just surround myself with people who share my dream. I may use them but at least they'll want to be used. Nobody will be duped. When deception is minimized so are hurt feelings.

Everyman needs a code of conduct for civilization to work. Here's mine... 'Be a selfish bastard, but let the world know how you're being a selfish bastard.' Don't be a lamb and don't be a wolf pretending to be a lamb. Be honest about being a nasty little creature. Easy, right? Let's put this code to work and make the world a better place.


Dahlia said...

oh how jaded you have become mr. Tavares. Shame.

Adam Tavares said...

I don't like seeing humans lie to each other and I don't like having to lie to other people just to earn a living and keep a girlfriend. That means I'm jaded? That's shameful? C'mon, Dahlia.

Humans aren't selfless heroes, myself included. That's a childish fantasy.