Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bob Ross 2099

Remember the Bob Ross painting show on PBS? He would basically paint landscapes with no source material in an entirely black studio. The studio was so dark it was like a corner in the Outer-Universe on the very edge of space, lightyears away from any space particles. There he'd paint trees and waterfalls and mountains with graceful mixtures of cerulean blue, viridian green, and titanium white.

I've been thinking about him lately. He died awhile ago from cancer but if he hadn't how long could he have kept up his schtick without it getting stale.

I've also been thinking about the 2099 series of Marvel comics. I use to collect the Spiderman series. Basically that series transported you into the year 2099 into a futuristic world where particular superheroes still existed and told stories about how the characters adapted to this imagined techno-gadget-future world. I liked the series a lot.

So I imagined an alternate future for Bob Ross, Bob Ross 2099 if you will, where he painted landscapes of other planets in an effort to keep relevant. It wouldn't be that much of a stretch. His landscapes of Earth were mostly plucked from his brain with no reference anyway. I can easily imagine him imagining a river of methane and silicon stalactites instead of a lazy river and happy trees.

I was thinking of doing a short film where I paint alien landscapes in a space suit. I think that'd be interesting, inspired maybe. It'd be more than a spoof. I'd do it really dryly and straightforward. Just need to find a space suit... Kyle, if you're reading this, would you film that?

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