Friday, March 5, 2010

Brainjuice and a 61 Shot Warm Greeting

Brainjuice... hmmmmm... brainjuice is like thought energy. When intellect and emotion align you can use your brainjuice to make truly amazing things. It's the source of all your creative thought. It's what allows you to tie concepts together and recognize new patterns. All new ideas are fueled by brainjuice and I think we have a finite daily supply.

Work drains brainjuice and sleep and play restores it. I noticed my supply is greatest in the early evening especially on days when I go running, have a hardy lunch and take a nap around three.

Our lifestyle here in America is antibrainjuice. Most of us just rush around on autopilot all day and call it being productive. I call that running fool's errands. The Spanish have the right idea. A big lunch and a nap in the middle of the day guarantee abundant brainjuice at sundown when it can be best expressed.

Anyway, here's a song I wrote using brainjuice. It's just an experiment that I was going to polish but decided that it's good enough in it's unpolished rock like state. I was trying to be Brain Eno and write a 'Here Come The Warm Jets' epic synth instrumental. I may have succeeded and I may have failed but here's the result. I call it 61 Shot Warm Greeting. I stole that name from a particularly powerful consumer grade Chinese firework. It was as majestic as the name implies. Hopefully the song is a tenth as majestic as the sparkling sky flower that inspired it.

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