Thursday, March 4, 2010

All Natural Digital Sleeping Pills

Having trouble sleeping? Here's some songs that will soothe you off to dreamland. New York Sleepytime and Four AM Sunday Morning. The latter song was constructed around a sample I pulled from a track by my super duper duper talented friend, KyIe. I'd link you to his work but his Internet presence is sorely lacking.

I also suggest eating a bowl of warm apple sauce and drinking a tall glass of room temperature water before you hit the sack. The sauce will make it easier to get to that relaxed sleepable state, I'm not scientifically sure but I believe warm applesauce reminds us of uterine fluid and ingesting it puts us back in a peaceful fetal state. The water will ensure that you get up and out of bed at a reasonable hour and guarantee you won't wake up dehydrated. There's an art to sleeping well that our culture and its obsessions with caffeine and alarm clocks is losing. Let's bring it back, people!

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