Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Song inspired by 'The Wire'

Here's another song just for you! I just binge drank the entire first season of 'The Wire'. Which if you have thirteen spare hours I suggest you watch it. It's not your typical television series. It plays out more like a novel. It's not brainless entertainment like most TV. I've learned much from it. ( That's Lt. Daniels in the photo by the way ).

One thing I've learned is how the mundane everyday life is just peppered with these violent moments and they come out of nowhere. However, after the violence you dig deeper into your memory to find events which may have signaled the violent moment. People do this all the time. "Oh I knew that would happen. I had a bad feeling about that place." We say these sorts of things all the time. It's comforting. It's memory cocoa.

The truth is chaos rules and our lives can change in an instant. For example, just as I was thinking this stuff in my car on my way to the cafe where I'm typing this now I had a guy pull a knife out and threaten me when I was stopped at a red light. I know he did this just to show off to his friend and he wasn't any real threat but still it pissed me off that I was the toyed with just for someone else to laugh at. I was the butt of a cruel joke. So that guy may not have significantly changed my life but he has changed the emotional tone of my day in a dramatic way.

So if you know a guy who drives a red pick up with Massachusetts license plate 952-CC6 just know that he pulls knives out on strangers just to impress his friends. And you know what that means, ladies, he's insecure and since he's insecure he's a terrible lay. You're better off fucking his friend in the passenger seat.

Enough bashing that turd... back to the music. I think I captured mundane and menacing in this song. Foreboding, that's the word! This song is foreboding. 'The Wire' is foreboding. Good chunks of our lives, if you live in a poor place like I do, are foreboding. Here's the soundtrack for that kind of life. It's titled, 'Worry About The Lies Tomorrow'. Hope you like it!

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