Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Song and Doodle

Here's a new mp3 for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still on my Alice Coltrane kick. I've got this soft spot for jazz built around a hypnotically repetitive rhythm section. Miles Davis's "Miles Smiles" and Sun Ra's "Lanquidity" pull this trick too.

It's perfect background music. It's atmospheric and subtle. It lets you choose how much of your attention you want to invest, unlike most obnoxious pop music which demands it. But it will still drown out the sound from your obnoxious neighbors or roommates but still let you think whatever you want.

See, it doesn't suck you out of your thinking or daydreaming it enhances it! That's what I'm striving for here. Anyway enough tootalootin' my own horn. Hope you like it.

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