Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ladies, Join the Resistance Against Domestication! You Deserve To!

This is my mantra:
Live wild. Live free.
Drink often. Fuck often.
Forget responsibility.

Spend! Spend! Spend!
Grease the economy's wheels.
Buy that Louis Vuitton jacket.
And another pair of high heels!

Discipline? Who needs it.
There's adventure out there.
Be a monk if you want.
Wear a robe. Cut your hair.

I want to sip Mai Tai's in Fiji.
Hell, I want to experience it all!
I went to the Riviera last year
So maybe it'll be Italy this Fall

Settle down… humph!
Go ahead! You join the townies!
I'll take nights in a big city.
You can stay at home and bake brownies.

Hey the world is crowded already
Planet Earth's future is dark.
I can't bring a new life into this
And I don't want the stretch marks.

I'll fuck my boss and my pool boy
With equal zest.
I'll match my shoes to my purse.
I'll stuff plastic into my chest.

I'll be ninety and still party.
I'll wear support hose and tube tops.
I'll mix Metamucil with Bacardi.
I'll never be a Mom to any Pops.


Adam Tavares said...

As much as I poke fun at these sorts of women the gorilla inside of me still sometimes finds them sexy and useful for a fling. I'm an enabler! Oh woe. Oh cruel fate!

Dahlia said...

You can poke fun if you like, but I envy the women who have enough reality in them to give in to the masses and be able to enjoy it. My job is a practice in futility. I strive to make a name and a dent in the environmental woes and an inch of progress in a field dominated by male chauvinists who pay more attention to my legs when I present than the fact that I've put in months of research effort on a given topic. My efforts will likely never make any overarching difference. Just thinking of how much easier it would be if I could give up the conscience and actually enjoy producing pills everyday at some pharmaceutical company makes me jealous of the women who just don't care. They enjoy their prada heels and flaunt their silicone busts with pride, who are we to judge? Doesn't that just make us martyrs in the end?

Adam Tavares said...

We should judge. These sorts of women and their male counterparts lower our quality of life. I'm tired of being outnumbered by people like this and having our world economy cater to these overgrown children. It's expensive and stupid to do so. These people are emotionally stunted and they may flaunt their silicone busts with pride but that doesn't mean they are content with their lives. I pity people who are too caught up in social life and acquiring status and power.

All jobs are futile if you take the longview, but you at least get to experience the real world firsthand and enjoy the never ending mysteries of Nature. You can keep your brain occupied and you can appreciate Nature and all its complexities everyday and you can carry that point of view with you always. You aren't reliant on the admiration of others to get through the day. You're the lucky one, Dahlia.