Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Good Times Are Back

Hooray! Boy it was rough back there. We were forced to face the consequences of our actions. It got ugly, but it's over now. We've made the sacrifice and now we can bask in good fortune.

We have a new day, a new frontier, a chance to make things right! The past is behind us now! We're free again! We won't spoil things this time! We're so much wiser now! We'll keep our impulses in check this time we promise!


Kenny P. said...

As my word verification word says, "Turdle".
I can't tell whether you're being facetious or not... whether you are or not, I know I can relate to what you're saying. And, I love the collage.

Adam Tavares said...

Thanks! I was being facetious. I enjoy mocking people who don't take the longview, the greedy and impulsive are the ones who are rewarded these days for their bad behavior.

I got a letter from my credit card company telling me I was too responsible for paying my total balance every month and that I wasn't pulling my idiot weight and giving them money. That inspired this.

I should move to France.