Tuesday, July 28, 2009

His Time To Shine

Enjoy the spotlight while you can, because your finely-honed craft will soon cease to amaze.

Or if you don't identify with the circus-geek you can look at this and be reminded that people will pay for just about anything. This is good if you want to turn a quick buck yourself someday or this is very bad if you think that you should be spending your time doing something 'meaningful'. If you're the second type then good luck to you. You are outnumbered and overpowered. Novelty peddlers are the ones with the power these days.

You may have to work for them. Don't worry that will only be half your waking life. You can always go camping or drinking on the weekends to try to balance things out a bit, and if that doesn't work there are prescription drugs you can take that will turn you into the most docile of sociopaths.

I forget my point. I guess the lesson is don't do what you know is wrong even though it's easy. There it is. That's half the battle.


Kenny P. said...

I just help sell children's eyeballs to toy companies and cereal companies and all the other parasitic crap-peddlers.

There can't be anything wrong with doing that, can there?

Uh oh....

Adam T said...

I help people detach themselves from reality and the other people around them by writing software that helps them create and consume media.

I have mixed feelings about this. I think I might drop this career and start a new one as a kung fu monk. That career path won't trash my eyesight and make me fat in the ass.