Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Avoid The Temptation

It's been over a month! Sorry about that, folks. I'm in the process of replacing love with todo lists and busywork, enduring paralyzing bouts of philosophizing and depression, and going on vacation.

Also if you're happy with the illusion you're living in, everybody needs one let's not kid ourselves, don't take a hallucinogenic scalpel to your brain. It will not be fun.


Kenny P. said...

Good advice! Though, chances are pretty good that in the long run, the scalpel will have done some good. It can be a long recovery period, though.

Adam T said...

I have learned that I'm not the type that needs his consciousness expanded too often. The fishbowl I live in may be too wide as it is resulting in me not caring about anything really deeply. I definitely need to trim some life fat. That realization alone may have been worth the price of admission.