Wednesday, April 2, 2008

When You Laugh You Laugh Alone... Psych!

So I've been obsessed with a radio show called 'Radiolab'. It's broadcast on WNYC from New York. I don't catch it on the radio I download the archived shows on mp3 from their website. It's fantastic. I've been gushing about it to anybody who'll listen. Here's the website if you want to hear it for yourself

After listening to the episode on laughter I drew this...

Apparently one theory is that laughter signals to others that any wrestling, play fighting, is not to be taken seriously. Young chimps do this in the wild. And laughter is almost an entirely social activity according to one expert, which would mean if you were a siamese twin you may get more laughs than an only child. So who got dealt a bad genetic hand now!?

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