Friday, April 8, 2011

Every Man Needs A Backup Plan

So this is one of those ads which pretend to be aimed at one audience but is secretly playing to another. Oh it claims on the surface to be aimed at men, but uh uh uh that's not really the case. I've seen published "professional" ads pull this trick before. A lot of male hygiene products, you know the "bullshit" ones, will actually advertise to women. That sexy girl wearing her boyfriend's shirt and sniffing his collar in orgasmic ecstasy is actually made to appeal to women. Because the advertisers know women will put the pressure on their husbands or boyfriends to buy that smoothing aftershave lotion or cologne.

If your roommate gets involved with the kind of women who read Cosmo and Esquire there's an I'd say 75% chance that your bathroom will soon be stocked with things other than soap, toothpaste, and shaving cream, things like botanical shampoo and conditioner combos, and mango scented exfoliating facial scrubs. That's what these advertisers are banking on.

Anyway back to this particular ad. It's doing the same thing, but really overtly. This has the feel of a pharmaceutical ad mixed with a New Yorker cartoon. There's something very feminine but clinical about the font face I used. Optima with tight kerning in a warm color says, "vaginal health product".

My favorite part about this cartoon is the man's chest hair. I modeled the pattern of growth on my own. Except making it hairier on the sternum, y'know "fer laffs."

Oh, and the logo of the girl holding the stick was a byproduct of the cartoony ad. I was playing around with ideas and drew her in the margins.

She looks like Rosie Perez. I wasn't aware that I was drawing a boricuan mami at the time but hey these things sometimes just happen. I could replace the stick with a red white and blue rocket-pop and silk screen it on a fleet of ice cream trucks that'll drive around San Juan dispensing ice cold treats. "Los Bocaditos Frios de Mami Caliente" is what I'll call the enterprise.


Zach Costa said...

I am following you will you follow me.

Adam Tavares said...

You gotta give love before you get it.

Blogs with video ads that automatically play are a turn-off too.