Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cyclist Caricaturing

This is just some practice for learning how to draw a full bodied caricature of someone riding a bike in perspective...

Try it. It's tough.

Because, one, bicycles are difficult enough to draw in perspective.

Two, bicycles require human beings to have average limb proportions to ride them and average proportions are the antithesis of a good caricature. You can't be too liberal with limb proportions without changing the persons posture or the bike's actual mechanics. When the person changes the bike has to change with it. The two are one caricature unit. That's a lot to work through. It requires A LOT of thought and pre-planning. This is not something you can just wing.

You could be lazy and just do a generic big head caricature like most people do. This is what Google image search dredged up... pretty weak stuff.

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