Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Protect Your Investment

Here's the true path to wealth. Gather stuff that people need and put it in a big pile and make sure they can't get it without giving you something in return. Guard that pile of stuff with locks and/or weaponry, or if you're uncomfortable with that reality you could delude yourself and take this guy's advice...

It's a funny read if you want to read a yoga-yuppy essay advocating amassing money, and confusing the pursuit of wealth for it's own sake for enlightenment, written in a foreign language translated into English by Babelfish. It's a real sign o' the times... a cultural artifact. Enjoy!

You know our "business first" culture truly dominates this nation when selfish capitalism is masquerading as new agey "self-growth"... well in a way it is... cancerous tumors are self growth too.

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