Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cat Beret

Forensic Doodle Investigator: "This is a holiday doodle definitely... sloppy careless linework indicates the doodler was in a place that was simultaneously boring and distracting... a holiday party at a friend's or relative's. Subject matter clearly indicates the doodler is frustrated with the consumption of useless novelties which is omnipresent during the holiday season.

This doodler clearly does not have the holiday spirit. He needs a dose of cocoa, viewing of films advocating altruistic actions, and Baby Jesus to set him on the right course... unfortunately it's too late for that. His holiday spirit while it may never reach the same frosty peak as it did during the doodler's early adolescence can still be partially repleted by staying up late and drinking with old friends."


Shaina said...

is that a tiny boner i see on the guy on the right? also, where do i find myself a cat beret?

lurking you always,

Adam Tavares said...

You probably can't find cat berets in the US... contraband y'now... your best bet is Southeast Asia. If you can buy ground up tiger bones and rhino horns so you can get tiny boners there then they probably sell fashionable cat head hats too.

Thanks for lurking!