Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Traveling The 'Sugar Stream' Across The USA

I'm back home from my bicycle tour across the USA! I've been back about a week actually. The trip was fun, miserable, enlightening, stupefying, terrifying, relaxing, stressful, and dreamy! But alas... now I must resume my previous life and somehow find a comfortable little nook in our standing room only society. That means making some difficult choices.

But a part of me is still longing for the road where life is much, much, much simpler. In fact it's one dimensional. Either you move forward or go back. I admit occasionally you have to decide to take a turn down a different road. But the metaphor still applies.

The concrete, steel, and brushed aluminum horror blob of modern American life is flattened and baked into an asphalt ribbon that becomes a straight and narrow path to ride. It's a path of righteousness. And it's easy to follow to once you get in the habit. Life becomes just a gentle float down the 'sugar stream' when you let the current do most of the work.

So to commemorate this long, hazy, and dreamy sort of traveling I recorded this musical demo. Download the MP3 here! It lacks lyrics and a main melody but the atmosphere and tone is right. If you want to sing something over it that'd make my day.

Oh and here's some of the best photos from my trip.

Fun, fun, fun. Thanks for checking in.


A said...
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A said...

love the bigger beard

Adam Tavares said...

It got gnarly there towards the end. Growing a huge grubby beard is not for the faint hearted. How's the Burl? I should pay you a visit!