Monday, April 12, 2010

Universe University

Blowhard: I won't go to Yale. I'm going to the school of hard knocks. The school of LIFE, Universe University.

Concerned Friend: You know the problem with going to Universe University is you don't get credit. No diploma is handed out at the graduation ceremony. In fact there is no graduation ceremony!

Blowhard: blah blah blah... all pomp and circumstance... blah blah blah... horse and pony show... blah blah blah... I'm going anyway.

Concerned Friend: You're going to attend anyway? You know you won't be able to set up a practice without accreditation. You have to go underground and work outside the establishment.

Blowhard: blah blah blah... nothing is real anymore... blah blah blah... life is all abstract... blah blah blah... I don't need a piece of paper... blah blah blah... I don't care.

Concerned Friend: You don't care? Well good luck, my friend. Be bold in your venture. Time will prove you were right long after you're dead; if that's any consolation

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