Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Three Muses

Muse ONE: Left. He's pointed. He's anger. He will lash out at the world and show the rest of the world that he is the superior animal specimen. This muse has his 'nose to the grindstone' but his higher mind is blank. He has no use to discover unuseful patterns. He is therefore single-minded, unwise, and necessarily stressed-out.

Muse TWO: Right. He sees wonder everywhere. He seeks external stimulation. He seeks acceptance by others. He has a difficult time establishing a self identity. He avoids commitment. He's constantly shifting. He is not a self starter. He is a passive observer of the Universe, too passive.

Muse THREE: Middle. He is mystery. He is the unknown. He is the spirit of self discovery. His presence is elusive. He is the most powerful muse. Following him will lead you down the path of righteousness but he is semi transparent and is often lost in confusion when environments become overwhelmingly complex and over populated.

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