Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now Make Him Cute

One thing that really peeves me when dealing with other humans is when they make excuses. They give themselves an often complex reason for not doing what they know is the right thing. They tell themselves a story where they cast themselves as the victim of these horrible outside forces just so they can maintain their image of themselves as an innocent in an evil world.

People like this are such weenies. I can't stomach having to endure listening to their stories. I can see through their veneer so easily. They aren't hiding their dark, slimy, moist underbellies, from me!

I do some rotten things sometimes, but at least I don't hide my belly. My belly has a suntan. I'm a lot of crummy things but I pride myself on not making excuses or hiding my intentions.

Let's not fool ourselves. Being a civilized human is difficult. On the one hand we have this biological imperative to individually survive, thrive, and reproduce and on the other we have to keep that urge in check sometimes to keep the peace with the other humans and living creatures that share the planet with us. It's a tough balance to pull off.

It's not all rainbows and sunshine so let's not pretend that it is. People who can't admit this fact to themselves and are constantly broadcasting a commercial of themselves as these innocent bystanders is hopelessly frustrating.

I don't know why I whine. It does no good. The defensive, the excuse makers, they're most people and most people are not really self aware. They're on social autopilot.

OK… deep breaths…

Yeah this all came from me doing a quick doodle of Tim Curry in his Satan makeup from promotional photos for the movie 'Legend' and putting a note to myself to make him cute.

It's my belief that everybody should be able to draw a cute devil. Cute devils are such great metaphors, because, like I was saying, most really evil behavior is wrapped in a candy coating.

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