Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Grooming? Nah, Good Health!

Hey it's okay to be concerned with your appearance. As long as your appearance is tied to your overall health. If your appearance is used as feedback to your overall well being then there's nothing wrong with checking yourself out in the mirror.

But be careful! Try not to obsess over details! There's no sense in sculpting the perfect eyebrows while neglecting the rest of your body. Nobody else really cares what your eyebrows look like they want to see you trim, fit, and healthy. Leave the tweezers in the cupboard and join a soccer league.

So you have a zit or two and your hair is cowlicked? As long as you're fit and confident in your fitness you'll be sexy to others.

I feel bad for middle aged American ladies who freak out over wrinkles, gray hair, and ugly cuticles while they let their muscles atrophy and sag. Get out of the salon and into the gym! Play sports with others. Make stuff with others. Staying active with other folks, that's how you really stay young and beautiful.

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