Friday, March 19, 2010

C'mon Inside

Welcome! Welcome! I fixed the place up just for you. Take a look around! I'm sure you will find everything agreeable.

Don't really friendly inviting people creep you out. It's like they're trying to put the vice on you from the get-go! Aaaaah! Stay away I gotta be free!


Kenny P. said...

It's true! Just this morning, at work, some guy who I don't know (I think he's an intern on another show) greeted me in an oddly friendly way. It stirred up several emotions-- among them: squeamishness; anger; mistrust.
There used to be someone at work who was strangely friendly, like he was your best pal, but you really didn't even know the guy. It seemed forced. He turned out to be a pedophile.

Adam Tavares said...

I grew up in Massachusetts where you don't find people being friendly much. People here are very surly or introverted for the most part.

Whenever I travel to other parts of the U.S. I'm always freaked out by other peoples false friendliness. Portland, Oregon terrified me with this.

I can usually read disingenuous body language well. It definitely throws me on the defensive.