Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Bingo Was The Name Of The Game-O

People love games of chance. And to be honest so much of life is based on chance. You'll have conservatives and people with good fortune tell you that success is basically a function of individual will. Meh, I don't really by that.

I'm a smart guy but I'm pretty certain I was born that way it wasn't a function of me wanting to be smart. And in fact I'd trade in my brains somedays to be taller, or more handsome, or to better relate to other people.

But hey this is the bingo card of life I was dealt. I have half siblings who I share a lot in common with, and I share a lot of interests with my older half brother, but my fundamental personality is closest to my younger sister who is my full sibling. It's nature over nurture that really determines who you are, folks. Yeah this evidence is anecdotal, but I've been surrounded by this anecdotal evidence for the 21 years both me and my younger sister have been alive. Scientists and their reductionism mostly agree too.

You can't change who you are. It's just some personalities are more successful in certain places. It all comes down to the traits your immediate social group find desirable. If you find the group where you fit the best you can foam yourself to the top of the social hot chocolate ladder with a little stirring. Weird metaphor but you get the idea.

Let's just hope the world calls your balls. Success is finding where your tribe plays bingo.

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