Friday, February 26, 2010

Just A Cat To My Name

Here's my latest song. It's the first one with lyrics too! I wrote the tune and lyrics and played the guitar parts, most of the keyboard parts are my friend, Kyle, and my friend, Melissa, sings. Here are the lyrics.

You know I tried to leave it behind
But it's hard when you got a one track mind
Now nothing you do will convince me to stay
One day you'll see it was better this way

Oh the blame isn't mine.
We just ran out of time

Understand that it's so hard to explain
He's a devil who makes a mess of my brain
I'm sick and I learned you're not the cure
Keep the house, the kids, and the furniture

Oh but the world is so new
Now that I'm leaving you

Oh but I have a heart full of pain
And just a cat to my name

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