Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh It's Overwhelming

You can isolate yourself all you want. Live in your ivory tower. But are you prepared to deal with the loneliness? Are you strong enough to live convictions that no one else around you shares? Will you succumb? Go with the flow? Will you become another self medicating, comfort at any expense seeking, self destructive American slob? I sure hope not. I hope you can live your ideals and find the people who share them. They're out there somewhere.

I have noticed I lose friends once I start holding myself to a higher standard. This isn't imaginary. It's a real social dynamic. The man with the most friends is the one who is most accepting of other people's flaws and doesn't mind being dragged through the muck with them. And if you don't have your health and friends what do you have? Hmmmm tricky. How do you balance this situation?

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