Sunday, January 10, 2010

He Can't Know

Here's a song I made with my friend, Abe. If you like sloppy, fuzzy, weird, pop tunes you should download it. Warning: it's really fuzzy. Audio fidelity wasn't a concern.

"He Can't Know" is the song name, we called ourselves "Junk Blondes" because "Adam and Abe" and "Abe and Adam" both sound lame and lead to ego battles about whose name should come first.

And if you're curious what words I'm crooning here are the lyrics.

go inside
we can't play
momma said
we gotta go

ain't nothin' here
nothin' at all
leave us alone
we can't play

daddy's comin' soon
we gotta go
can't be here
when he gets home

oh he'll be mad
momma will cry
but he can't know
so if he asks you gotta lie

Check out Abe's blog by the way. He's like a musical Indiana Jones who graciously shares his exotic treasures.

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