Sunday, November 8, 2009

Do You Wear The Mask?

I've met too many emotional chameleons lately who just behave so whoever they're with will like them, to avoid some imagined conflict, or to get something they want. For some people this goes so deep I don't believe they express any real feelings at all.

I notice this trait more in women too. I've been in the middle of heated arguments with girlfriends and ex-girlfriends which were interrupted by a phone call or someone unexpectedly passing by. When that happens this will stop the argument temporarily, the woman's tone of voice changes and they'll greet the person with a cheery, 'Hiiii'.

If I get into a serious argument with a man I at least know it's genuine. I'd much rather get punched in the head by a man than to have to wait while a woman makes friendly small talk before she can get back to complaining why her emotional needs aren't being fulfilled.

If you find your girlfriend behaving this way dump her with haste. If you don't you will be surprised when one day for no particular reason she suddenly becomes a totally different person, a person you don't particularly like, and your brain struggles to forget the character she was playing. It's not a fun experience.

And I have another theory that every playa / ladies man / swinging bachelor was once probably a hopeless romantic who had his heart broken a few too many times by women who are emotional chameleons and has turned over to the dark side himself.

So the short of it is, men, don't date actresses or emotional retards lest you become one yourself. Keep it real, everybody.

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