Sunday, March 22, 2009


My friend emailed me this...

I Challenge You...


Here are the rules:

*You have until this weekend to make an entirely original composition
*It has to all have been created this week (I started yesterday)
*Upon completion, we will share our respective song on the internets (I am not sure where yet)
*It has to all be done on a computer -- no real instruments
*That is all

Do you accept this challenge?

I accepted. Here's my submission. I made it with Garageband. It sounds like early Lee Perry and The Ventures except nowhere near as good as either. Having said that enjoy!

Here's a picture of my collaborator.


chrisallison said...

hey adam, fun song.

i saw your question about mediocre people in positions of power. if you're really interested, you should get malcolm gladwell's audiobook entitled "blink", which talks about the unconscious factors that go into people's decisions.

more interesting and applicable to become a great artist is his audiobook "outliers". it's a study of cross disciplinary successes, going over some of the factors that it takes to become successful. he gives a lot of interesting bits, like the 10,000 hour rule (it takes 10,000 hours of doing anything to gain a true level of competence) and outside factors that contribute to success. these principles apply from bill gates to the beatles.

dunno, you seem like a smart man and might be interested. thought i'd share the find.

Adam T said...

I've read both just recently. I basically read one after the other because my friend let me borrow them. Now that you mention it there was that chapter in Blink, the one about the wargame, that's pretty relevant. I think a lot of executives think like the blue team in the story where if there is massive amounts of procedure in place they feel work is being done.

Most of the time those procedure's are complete busywork, but they can never admit that to themselves. My hunch is that they aren't even interested in producing quality entertainment anymore they're just into self preservation in the bureaucracy their predecessors created.

I'm ranting in my own comments! Anyway, cool drawings. I'm gonna snoop on you from now on.

Kenny P. said...

You guys... You're over-thinking it. The secret to success is to be like those gorillas: hairy and violent.

I love that photo.