Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zyzzlevaria National Anthem Backing Track

Mystery Hunt was great this year even though a cold and a snowstorm kept me from attending the final day, but in the 2 days I was there I learned a dumpster's worth of new things.

To those who I haven't hyped the event up in person it's basically 2 to 3 days of solving hundreds of really, REALLY, challenging puzzles with people who have some affiliation with MIT. You learn a ton about problem solving, you eat a lot of junk food, and you make some really nice and brainy new friends.

In one puzzle. We had to create a national anthem for the mythical nation of Zyzzlevaria. There were restrictions to make it just a little bit challenging. You had to rhyme Zyzzlevaria twice, use 8 words with 2 z's in them, and use two instruments that have the letter z in it.

I teamed up with two girls, Becca and Kate(?), and we collaborated on a song. They provided vocals and I made the backing track. I didn't ask them if they were cool with me posting the song with their vocals. The whole thing was rushed so their vocals aren't the best and I think they might be a little embarassed by them so I'll only post the instrumental.

The entire production took about 3 hours. Anyway here's the backing track I cooked up in Garage Band. No samples in this one. It's all midi. Bang this one in the club royalty free.

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