Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Picking My Brain Or Mona Lisa Apart

I haven't drawn in a while. I've been programming and breaking instead. I'll get back to drawing soon... I feel the urge bubbling below.

But in the meantime take a look at this... I'm working on a program that draws vector graphics over images served up on the trusty old Internet. In my testing I've been drawing over the Mona Lisa. My app allows me to scale the image I'm drawing over. The scaling algorithm I'm using is really primitive and is imprecise, so it doesn't keep the ratio of height to width of the image perfect*

Anyways I was testing my app and scaling an image of the Mona Lisa, and I noticed a minor change in the ratio of height to width really changes Mona's face. She looks like a different person. At least she does to me. In the smaller image Mona's face looks more feminine to me; her jawline is softer, her nose seems a little rounder, her cheeks fleshier, and she has more of that baby/girl round forehead. ( The rectangles are just artifacts of my testing in case you were wondering )

What do you think?

* No algorithm can never be perfect when scaling down unless your monitor has infinite resolution which is impossible.

1 comment:

Kenny P. said...

That is pretty weird. Minor variations have major effects--at least when it comes to the human face. I might not notice it on a dog, or fish. Or a dogfish.