Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh Thank My Stars!

If we ever encounter alien creatures on Earth then that would mean the aliens must have more sophisticated technology. We haven't even come close to human interstellar travel, but we're probably about 50 years away from having awesome robots. Asimo is already conducting an orchestra! So chances are the aliens would have robots too. So they probably wouldn't enslave us to work in their uranium mines. They'd probably just rob us. We have a lot of silicon, carbon, aluminum, and water here. If we ever do get invaded it would probably be for some natural resource. Or maybe it would be for some some cultural treasure. I can see some rich alien art collector wanting to complete his collection so he'll transport the Parthenon to his pool house, or St. Peter's Basilica into his backyard. Or maybe Earth will be destroyed by hedonistic alien teenagers like the interstellar version of smashing mailboxes in a rival town. Who knows?

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