Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Devil Boot

Some people get their kicks kicking other people.

Hey, I have this guy inside me myself. I have a touch of the sadism. I watch UFC. I like watching people beat each other. Even the most demure and sophisticated citizens feel a bit of bloodlust when they watch lions take down an antelope on PBS's "Nature".

I'm reading a book, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" by Jane Jacobs. In one passage she cites a 1958 talk by a Dr. Karl Meninger, director of the Meninger Psychiatric Clinic of Topeka, who explains that there are three activities which seem to combat destructive behavior.

1. plentiful contacts with plenty of other people.
2. work, including even drudgery
3. violent play.

Apparently city life doesn't provide enough opportunities for violent play, which is needed to blow off steam that otherwise gets bottled up and manifests itself destructively. The lesson here... kick your friends lovingly so you don't kill your boss hate-ingly.

Sublimate don't repress. Repressed feelings will catch up with ya.


Eric V. LePage said...

This just verifies the need for Fight Clubs in every town and city! - EVL

Adam Tavares said...

We're getting them. Haven't you noticed the MMA training centers popping up everywhere.

Eric V. LePage said...

Only slightly. A former student worker of mine has friends who train in the area. One of his buddies was in one of the most recent UFC PPVs ... blanking on his name.