Thursday, June 3, 2010

Follow The Word

Lead yourself down the path of righteousness. Follow the Word, or erm words. It actually doesn't matter what words you choose to follow... that's the kicker. Words by their very nature order the chaotic mess of life. Sure something is always lost in the process of labeling it with a word, but your brain can't hold all of the Universe in it so they're kind of necessary. They cut up the big tenderloin steak of the Universe into chunks small enough to swallow.

You want to be totally passive? To just be taken on a ride through the gears of the Universal Clock? Around and around and around and going nowhere. Then DON'T define your life with words.

So give yourself a narrow path to travel, and make that path with words. They will let you travel very far.

Remember the words of a man wiser than me, 'Every man needs a code.'

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